Have you given your pc a nickname?

Answer Mine doesn't really have a name, but I am it's boss and it does what I say - or there are consequences. But if I had to name it, it would probably be called Jolly Roger - all it's used for is pirac... Read More »

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What is the mascot or nickname for the coast guard academy you know they have athletic teams must have nickname or mascot?

Bears - United States Coast Guard Academy (New London, Connecticut) Objee the bear: Coast Guard Academy's Costumed Mascot and, until 1984, a live bear kept on campus.

How did you come up with your nickname?

I got mine '◦ƒεṃαlε◦' from just the fact I'm a female. I got so sick and tired of people asking what sex I was. I use to have my age next to it, but people didn't seem to get it was my ag... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Nickname?

We've all had it happen. Maybe you have a bad habit, or weigh a bit more than some people, or even just share a name with somebody. Whatever the reason, almost everybody has been called a name they... Read More »

A nickname for me?

on your avitar you have blonde hair so how bout beachhouse barbie. or miss kitty kat