Have you given your pc a nickname?

Answer Mine doesn't really have a name, but I am it's boss and it does what I say - or there are consequences. But if I had to name it, it would probably be called Jolly Roger - all it's used for is pirac... Read More »

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What nickname is given to US Air Force soldiers?

Airman/men (Notice the title it is capitalized, this is for both Officer and Enlisted personnel).That isn't a nickname, that's what they're called officially. Many branches refer to Airmen as "Flyb... Read More »

Who has given Old Trafford the nickname Theatre of Dreams?

Sir Bobby Charlton gave Old Trafford, the stadium that is the home of the Manchester United football club, the name of "The Theatre of Dreams." Charlton was a longtime player for Manchester United.... Read More »

What is the mascot or nickname for the coast guard academy you know they have athletic teams must have nickname or mascot?

Bears - United States Coast Guard Academy (New London, Connecticut) Objee the bear: Coast Guard Academy's Costumed Mascot and, until 1984, a live bear kept on campus.

What nickname is given to Canadian dollar coins because of the bird pictured on them?

The Canadian $1 coin is nicknamed the "loonie," because it features a picture of a loon. The loonie was introduced in 1987 to replace paper $1 bills. The $2 coin, dubbed the "toonie," was introduce... Read More »