Have you given up caffine and if so what do you drink instead?

Answer I drink green tea by the gallons. Not the lipton crud that comes in plastic bottles, but the kind you brew. Good stuff. There is still caffeine in it, so I guess this was kinda a stupid answer, huh... Read More »

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Would you chose breast feeding if you were given all the scientific facts instead of the fluff version given?

WOW, my breast milk is toxic to my baby?? Hmmm, that would explain their excellent growth, development and healthy bodies....... If my toxic milk does that, then I'm glad I intoxicated them :)By ... Read More »

Do these drinks have caffine?

If it doesn't say it on the bottles, it doesn't have it.

What can l drink instead of coffee?

Flavoured water ...I started drinking those recently and have less headaches now

What to drink instead of water when sick?

It depends on your symptoms, what kind of sickness? If you mean a general upset stomach; Ginger based drinks are best or peppermint (you can get peppermint cordial which works well), try to avoid f... Read More »