Have you every tried being hypnotised, did it work and how much did it cost?

Answer Miss,I have some experience of this. My ex was scared of flying and hypnosis was recommended by a friend of our, who incidentally uses it professionally. The hypnosis was performed a few times and ... Read More »

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What's your favourite movie where a main character gets hypnotised?

Hey Suicidal :D'm going to interpret in what I would call the "classic" sense of hypnotism. So I'll go with "Oldboy", a film that invigorated my love for foreig... Read More »

What was the CBBC programme that had the parents hypnotised and turned into children?

Big Kids is a family drama show which aired on CBBC on BBC One, from September 27 to December 20, 2000. Although only thirteen episodes were ever made, the show is one of CBBC's most repeated, due ... Read More »

How much does invisalign cost and does it work ?

Yes, Invisalign braces do work great for appropriate treatments, but they are not for all conditions. The cost depends on how long the treatment will take and, for Invisalign, how many trays are n... Read More »

How to Get Low Cost Dental Work?

Like everything medical, the cost of dental care keeps going up. The thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars for that root canal you've always wanted just hurts—even people with dental plans ... Read More »