Have you ever used an magnetic pulser?

Answer I've heard of some success with using magnetic pulses to treat depression, but any claims of it regenerating tissue seem a bit far-fetched.

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Is the North Geomagnetic Pole a north magnetic pole or a south magnetic pole?

In spite of its name, the North Geomagnetic Pole (or Magnetic North Pole) is technically a south magnetic pole because it attracts the north pole of a bar magnet (or compass) at all points south. T... Read More »

What Is Magnetic Ink?

Magnetic ink is very useful because it is readable both by humans and by specialized equipment. It is one of the components that makes it possible to process personal checks securely, quickly and a... Read More »

Are chalkboards magnetic?

Some chalkboards are magnetized, and some are not. Magnetized chalkboards are advertised as such and are generally sold with magnets. In some cases, non-magnetized chalkboards are labeled as such, ... Read More »

Do it Yourself Magnetic Poetry?

Magnetic poetry is a fun activity for kids and adults. Although there are sets available commercially, think about making your own for variety, cost savings and customizable words.