Have you ever used Wikipedia to spare yourself embarrassment?

Answer I use it to be informed, but find nothing embarrassing about being ignorant, Wikipedia is always a mouseclick away.

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Gym embarrassment?

All of that is completely normal.As far as leaving sweat, that's why there are towels on the machines, or you should bring a towel. You should wipe the machine down afterwards.

How to Deal With Embarrassment?

Learn to laugh at yourself and you'll be much happier.

How to Kiss a Guy Without Embarrassment?

Work on your moves*Without a guy! A little private practice will keep you on your A-game.When his eyes get that soft focus and the conversation trails off, here's what to do! No matter you're a beg... Read More »

Are the Olympics going to be an embarrassment for the UK?

Some people think it's already an embarrassment. The massive cock-up with the security (G4S not having enough staff) and having to recruit the army proves how sh!te the organisers were at planning.... Read More »