Have you ever used SUMLUNG SL-MS50 mobile barcode scannerIs it good to use?

Answer No, I haven't.What is it? Maybe, it is a blueteeth scanner, which can skan the code data into the phone scanner and can support many intelligent mobile phones. They are very similar to the former M... Read More »

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How about Sumlung MS30 mobile barcode scannerIs it a high-quality and cost-effective data collection terminal?

Search on scans barcodes directly to mobile smart phones.Use it with a smart phone you'll have a Data Collection Terminal. Or a Combo of handheld mobile computer with barcode sca... Read More »

What is the difference between SUMLUNG SL- MS50 and SL-MS30?

SUMLUNG SL- MS50 is greatly upgraded to support larger mobile phones. It is easy for you to feel convinent to put the mobile phone and the SUMLUNG SL- MS50 together in one body.

Have you ever googled your mobile number?

I Googled my number and it came up with my name and e-mail address, listed as first hit on Google. I'm not happy about it. Maybe that's why I get lots of junk e-mails advertising viagra. As if I ne... Read More »

Will Boost mobile ever have the iphone?

Most probably not since its parent company, Sprint, does & took a massive financial undertaking to get it.