Have you ever trusted someone COMPLETELY?

Answer Trust is a very important part of life. You have to trust if you truly want to experience what life has to offer. You have to let your guard down and allow people to become infectious to you. That ... Read More »

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Have you ever said something that came out completely wrong?

lol, yes . one time me and my cousin were in south Carolina on vacation and went 'crabbing' on the docks we caught a few and these two REALLY hot guys came up to us and they said "hey did you guys... Read More »

Have you ever made an announcement over a Tannoy that came out completely wrong?

On a corporate event I announced the theme of the evenings entertainment as ravaliers and cowheads which was received in stunned silence. Actually I think I'd prefer that to cavaliers and roundheads!

Have u ever prank call someone?

Have you EVER missed someone so bad it HURT?

omg,, im crying as i read this, i can feel what your feeling, and its hurting me too now!!!!,,, when mine goes camp ill probably have a nervous breakdown, i dont think ill b able to cope aswellim ... Read More »