Have you ever tried suicide before What got you through it safely?

Answer I also have had problems like that. The way I get through it is by using my intellect and faith. My intellect tells me that it is temporary and will soon pass. I always ask God to help me get thr... Read More »

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Is it suicide to use Steroids :)?

Honest opinion:Don't do them. It's like cheating on a test or stealing money; you get rewards, but its not honorable. You know that you didn't get your results with your best, hard work. Don't get ... Read More »

How to Prevent a Suicide?

Suicide never only affects the person that committed it. It affects everyone and the person too. But many suicidal thoughts can be prevented if the warning signs are recognized and proper action is... Read More »

What to do to prevent myself from suicide?

Do all the research on the subject in question and speak firmly to the girl who was supposed to create the PowerPoint presentation for you...let her know that she really let you down!

What are the causes of depression and/or suicide?

Depressive disorders affect approximately 23 million American adults. In the United States there are 32,000 suicides a year. The causes of these conditions are complex, interrelated and merit furth... Read More »