Have you ever tried polish food?

Answer polska kielbasa and stuffed cabbage. it was good.

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What is the name of this Polish food?

Perogi kind of a catch all for a filled dough pocket popular in many European countries. It's enjoyed with many fillings including meats and cheeses along with veggies like saurkraut and onions.

Is there anyone who else out there who thinks that Polish food is the best?

OMG! I love the stuff. My grandmother came here when she was 11 yrs old, she was the best cook ever. Ever have the creamcheese cookies filled with jelly? She used to make a cassorole out of pol... Read More »

Information about Polish food cuisine?

My type of question! I am from Poland and from my point of view...Polish food is absolutely spectacular. I have had it all my life growing up and it is amazing. People from Poland usually are rumor... Read More »

I must be allergic to nail polish. is there a polish i can use that won't give me a rash?

Nail Polish isn't just made up of one specific thing. You have to see what individual thing(s) you're allergic to. Say you used a polish with formaldehyde, maybe you're allergic to that... there ar... Read More »