Have you ever tried a rum and pep at anytime what they like.?

Answer aye hot stuff fine peppermint and Rum followed by a few beers thought makes me feel good there matey.)) Savvy

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Has anyone ever tried Baklava if you have is it good do you like it?

It's pretty good, has a honey nutty flaky thing going on.

Anyone ever tried Garlic Fries If you have did you like it?

yes very good. i like to make them at home too. just boil fries in oil like you normally would. then put them in a pan with garlic chopped up really fine and some salt. yummmmmmyyyyyy

Have you ever tried Hallway Swimming Do You Like Kid Pheno's Song called "Swim"?

Insulin pump users, have u ever tried to give yourself a bolus on your cell Should they make an app for that?

I thought one of the pump manufacturers were actually working on that technology...Animas maybe?Actually, I think it's just a wireless meter...But doing it as part of an iPhone would be AMAZING.ADD... Read More »