Have you ever taken something that caused hallucinations?

Answer Why yes, yes I have. A few times. Ya' know those little garden gnomes people like to put on their front lawn? Well... they turned blue! And I was having conversations with them. The one was rea... Read More »

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I'm having hallucinations?

Hello,It sounds perfectly lovely to me, wish I got that too : )Seriously, these are pretty normal, in my humble opinion, just a lovely active imagination, - you should write a children's book. Th... Read More »

Hallucinations During Fever?

your fever must have been higher than 101. a hallucination is completely normal when someone has a really high fever as the brain and your head begins to over height to the point were it can cause ... Read More »

Hallucinations when sick/tired?

this is all from being sickmake saying a small prayer to Jesus each day a before sleeping and after waking in the morningjust for protection against things that would make bad suggestion... Read More »

Best legal drug for hallucinations?

Morning Glory Seeds are good and well (along with a similar LSA containing seed known as Hawaiian Baby Rosewood) but they often do not cause the desired effects for many users, they require a bit o... Read More »