Girls, do you like having your toes sucked?

Answer Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

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Who else agrees that the Watchmen sucked?

i definitely agree. First off for those comic nerds out there, this was supposed to be a movie not a comic book. it is not an extension of the the graphic novel it was based on. it is a MOVIE and a... Read More »

How to Keep My Gourami From Getting Sucked Against the Filter?

Filtration is essential to the health of an aquarium. A huge selection of filters is available to the hobbyist. Some models hang on the back of an aquarium while canister filters stand on the floor... Read More »

Will this scam I almost got sucked into hurt me?

That is a scam, you are correct, and be prepared to get tons of spam email, texts and telemarketing calls. One guy who posted here last week fell for this scam and had over 100 spam texts within 3 ... Read More »

How do you retrieve a filter that was sucked up?

Answer Reverse the fan? Otherwise, need to know the what and where of the filter that was "sucked up."