Girls, do you like having your toes sucked?

Answer Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

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Would You Ever Have Someones Name Tattooed Onto You?

No. In tattooing it is generally considered bad luck. Unless it is a child's name or in memory of someone. We have covered umpteen tattoos on people of someone else's name. Its classed as a "kis... Read More »

Wait help have you ever spit on someones food?

No, never. But, I might have given a grouchy customer the smaller/more burnt burger. Or slightly fewer fries.

Name something that you have accidentally sucked up with a vacuum cleaner?

How do we treat tip-toe gait in a 3 year-old ever since he started walking he's been on his tippy toes?

Check into a pediatric orthopedic specialist, and a physical thereapist. Treating it earlier than later will be easier on both of you..