Have you ever stuck a can of beer or soda up a chickens butt and cooked it?

Answer The answer is's the very best, tastiest, moistest, most incredible flavored chicken you'll ever taste. Although the person that thought of this idea was clearly a little twisted, they d... Read More »

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I have a carrot stuck in my butt!!!?

im soeey but i think tht is funny i cant lie ive dont some experimenting in my day lol but never like that my advice is to wait for when you have to poop if it doesnt dome out then go to the er

Beer Question> Have you ever drank green beer?

Yes, in China and Philippines.I guess so.

Have you ever cooked ham in coca cola?

that's actually an old southern recipe. i've never tried it but i heard it makes the ham taste sweet. plenty of recipes like this online, but here's one of them

My hubby is african and eats chickens feet wot is the worst you have ever eaten?

I personally never tried it but....My Italian Grandmother (bless her!) made the world's most delicious spaghettie sauce. She spent the whole day every Sunday preparing it. One of the secret ingredi... Read More »