Have you ever bought anything off E-Bay?

Answer I got some stilts, they were a bargain!

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What kind of stolen property is covered and does it have to be stolen from your house or car?

Answer You don't say what type of policy, I will assume homeowners, it depends on the policy form, most auto policies will not cover ANY personal property. Most homeowners policies may exclude the... Read More »

Have you ever edited anything on Wikipedia?

Yes. I once put on Steve Harmless's page that he was giving up cricket to become an ambassador for Mothercare.And a good friend of mine edited Ian Ronald Bell's page, putting down that he was born ... Read More »

Have you ever learnt anything from any movie?

Bollywood movies: I've learned the demerits of being the average Bollywood actress through 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Heroine'. I didn't really like the latter though. And I've also learned about the... Read More »

Have you ever got anything stuck in any of your orifices?

My son got a coat hanger stuck in his back passage, I had to take him to the hospital to have it removed. I overheard a nurse say "maybe we can hang him in the cupboard". How we laughed.They told... Read More »