Have you ever sprained your ankle?

Answer Yes, I have sprained my left ankle twice in the EXACT same way. Both times it was on our trampoline and I would just land in a weird way, and then it would get sprained. The second time that it hap... Read More »

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Will my sprained ankle ever heal?

Sprains can take a ridiculous amount of time to heal. I sprained my thumb and it took 4 months to heal properly. Because this has taken a very long amount of time to heal, you may want to ask you... Read More »

Have I sprained my ankle?

Do I have a sprained ankle?

Your best bet would be to get typo a doc ASAP as is could very easily be broken, especially if it looks like "the bone is going to pop out".

How can u tell you have a sprained or broken ankle?

That is difficult, I have had both. If it is broken, at least in my case the pain was so severe I could not even take one step on it. However a sprain being painful, you can put some pressure on i... Read More »