Have you ever smoked one of these?

Answer No, and I didn't even consider it when I was young and invincible. If they have a fetish for weird things, let them have fun. If someone is looking to get high, it won't work. Read the following... Read More »

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Have you ever smoked?

started smoking at 13 to be 'cool' only to find out later once I was addicted that it wasnt so cool afterwrds, took me 12 years to get off the habit, but off it I am.

Have you ever smoked catnip?

No. No. I don't need to do that kind of crap to enjoy life.I made that last part up myself. – Thumper

Have you ever heard of any of these C-list nobodies?

Nope, I can't say that I have heard of any of those people. But then, it is highly unlikely that any of them have ever heard of me, so I figure we're even.As for questions concerning why anyone wo... Read More »

Have any of you ever taken any of these prescription medications?

Your doctor seems to have prescribed a lot of meds that are in the same drug class.The Ultram,Amrix and Valium will all cause sleepiness and fatigue and you won't know what your doing? Why so many ... Read More »