Have you ever seen the list of Fast Foods in wikipedia?

Answer To be honest, I never use Wikipedia since they're famous for their errors and inaccuracies but that sounds like something amusing to go look at! Thanks!

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What's the funniest article you've ever seen on Wikipedia?

Does a project page count? The banned list is funny!…

Have you ever seen a movie considered to be one of "the worst movies ever made"?

Not sure if it's listed on that website but;The Catcher in the Rye (2008) Is 75 minutes and 6 seconds of blue screen. is the full movie: Read More »

Have you seen this nonsense on Wikipedia?

I like to assume that when people ask a question, they genuinely don't know the answer. In America, believing this of you is quite easy. Can you point to your hometown on a world map? Can you at le... Read More »

Have u ever seen a UFO?

maybe...i was on drugs at the i don't know if it was real or not...