Have you ever seen Youtube people comment and NOT fighting?

Answer i hate when people say only "lifeless" people respond. Sometimes people say dumb annoying things, and it bugs you so much that you must respond. Hell, I've even gotten threatened once. People on th... Read More »

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Have you ever recieved a rude comment on a video or a mean PM on YouTube?

Um yea, I'm a youtube partner, I have over 8 million video views, I couldn't possibly list everything people have said to me but they include things like... fat, ugly, sluut, btch, stupid, pig, idi... Read More »

Best Youtube Video you have ever seen?

best 5 second video eva!…

Whats the funiest youtube video you have ever seen?

What is the BEST video you have ever seen on YouTube?

I adore this video…It makes me cry seriously. Which a lot of people think pathetic but oh gosh it's so sad. I've watched it so many times