Have you ever seen a movie considered to be one of "the worst movies ever made"?

Answer Not sure if it's listed on that website but;The Catcher in the Rye (2008) Is 75 minutes and 6 seconds of blue screen. is the full movie: Read More »

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Have u ever seen a UFO?

maybe...i was on drugs at the i don't know if it was real or not...

Have you ever seen 180 movie?

Yes. It was shared in a posting by a FaceBook friend. It was informative and revealing in the mind-set of many people today. Despite the sad commentary to today's "pop" culture and the permeation ... Read More »

Have you ever seen a train lay its own track?

That was pretty cool. Though I think it may have put more people out of work -- great 'engineering' though.

Have you ever seen a girl playing?

my girlfriend dodent care for them, but she enjoys watching me play and is a very good at coaching