Have you ever said "LOL"?

Answer Yes, I also say " LOLAGE"

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Have you ever said "I'm NEVER, EVER going to buy those for my child"?

Shoes that light up when they walk. Who on earth decided to drive the rest of us mad by making a shoe so annoying? I also hate those roller skate shoes, my niece has them and every once and awhil... Read More »

Have you ever said something that came out completely wrong?

lol, yes . one time me and my cousin were in south Carolina on vacation and went 'crabbing' on the docks we caught a few and these two REALLY hot guys came up to us and they said "hey did you guys... Read More »

Moms have you ever said I would never and ended up doing it lol?

I said I'd never cosleep (I was worried since I am a deep sleeper), but I did it fulltime for 7 months and part time for 5 more. Sophie is now 2.5 and loves her bed, but does join us from time to ... Read More »

Have your children ever said anything that seemed racist?

You will enjoy reading this, I think:[summary, sort of: if you put her in a blue sweater and she had some friends with blue sweaters and some with red, she ... Read More »