Have you ever ridden your menstral cycle to work?

Answer Yep, I had to get a washable seat cover.

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Have ya ever ridden.....?

Many times, years ago. I enjoyed the ride for awhile then I would get sleepy and end up in the bunk. Got to see some different places and experience the life on the road.

How to Regulate a Menstral Cycle?

A menstrual cycle is a nuisance, making women feel sick, tired and achy. Facing irregularity on top of that can be a huge frustration and is a condition suffered by approximately 30% of women. Befo... Read More »

Have you ever ridden or seen a steam locomotive before?

Yes and it was very slow. and boring. Modern trains are the best!

How long have you ridden motorcycles What did you start off with as your first bike?

I started in 1958. 1st one was a 1954 Triumph. In 1960 I bought a 1959 HD. It was either a Duo-Glide or Hydra-Glide, I forget. There have been 14 Harleys since then, the present one is an 08 Stree... Read More »