Have you ever refilled your ink cartridges(printer)?

Answer Messy ~ PLEASE!!!BUNCH OF WIMPS OUT THERE!! NO WONDER THESE COMPANIES RIP US ALL OFF SO EASILY!!!This is a copy of my reply to another another question.They've marked down the printers so low beca... Read More »

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Has anyone here ever had their color ink cartridges refilled at Walgreen's?

I've never had it done, but I used to work there. Ink refill isn't a real smart choice for making your printer last (the cartridges weren't made to be refilled without being refurbished by the man... Read More »

HP printer. Cartirdge. Should we use original or refilled. Is refilled safe for printer?

Refilled is ok although some cartridges contain chips that tell the printer when they're empty .. and at times refilling them wont alter the info on the chip so the printer might think the ink is o... Read More »

Where can I have the ink cartridges to my printer refilled?

I get mine filled at Walgreens. They're pretty inexpensive and quick.

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