Have you ever received a drunken text.......?

Answer Who me? nooooo

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Has anyone ever received a cell text from this address: Is it real?

I received the same text at 8:30 this morning. I tried to go to website and will not load. If we all got the same text then it is a scam. People can be so mean. $500 would be such a big help right ... Read More »

Have you ever received a hostage call?

You didn't pay your hub's ransom like you said you would.Sorry we sent his ears and beanus to the wrong address.

Have you ever received Super Comfy gift-----?

yes, 2 weeks ago for no reason. A super comfy blue house robe from my sweetheart. It wraps around snugly and warms me like fresh toast. Think I'll put it on now, thanks!

Do you ever get the drunken munchies?

yea when i go out with my friends after partying we get super hungry and we go to any restaurants open late or 24/7 LOL