Have you ever placed a steak on a black eye?

Answer No I never have, I`ve never had a black eye.......

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Have you ever had country fried steak?

Restaurants make foods diffeently. Next time ask them or choose something else. Country fried steak is usually a piece of beef that is breaded and deep fried and usually served with mashed potato... Read More »

Have you ever had a black eye?

I use to play softball.I went for a ground ball and it hit the top of my mitt wrong and bounced up into to my eye.I also had a boyfriend who use to have really weird dreams and one time Marylin Man... Read More »

Have you ever heard of waking up with a black eye?

Hi there it is every possibility a small vein ruptured under the eye these things are usually of a minor nature and heal up fast but if you are getting pain see your doctor ASAP Hope this is reassu... Read More »

Have you ever eaten black molasses bread?

I would like to savor a warmed and buttered slice of your black molasses bread. I think I have eaten some before in remote eatery in the foothills. As I remember, the bread was delicious for me w... Read More »