Have you ever orgasimed from intercourse ( women )?

Answer Most women don't have orgasms through sexual intercourse.I had my first vaginal orgasm back in my early 20's - now I have them all the time.

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Why do pregnant women act as if they were the only women in the world to have ever carried a child?

And this effects you how?You haven't struck a nerve, i understand your point, i have had to sit through 3 pregnancies of my friends while my husband and I have had nothing but trouble getting pregn... Read More »

If you stop taking birth control pills the day after you have sex can you get pregnant from that intercourse?

Depends on how long you have been on the pill. If it isn't at least one cycle you can get pregnant. If you have been on them for several months the chances are slim.

Have you ever seen Asian women who was attracted to black men?

its not as rare as you think. There are many in the carribbean, I myself am Chinese and Haitian. But there are very few in haiti, most in Jamaica and guyana and brazil, etc. There are Nigerian and ... Read More »

Do you think the women that say masturbating is ''gross'' and ''not normal'' have ever tried it?