Have you ever ordered diet water at a restaurant?

Answer Hee hee no but next time I go I think I may try that one. I would love to see them bust out laughing like I am some kind of a real fruitcake! :)

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Have you Ever Ordered Flowers or Gifts Through Online Florist?

Yes Naveen, I have ordered flowers many times from Floworld..Sahi kaha Sid...Floword is indeed the best online florist..

How do I Calculate the Tax for Restaurant Meals Ordered in Arkansas?

Arkansas has a sales tax on food. For most food, the sales tax is a reduced 3 percent. However, when food is prepared, such as at a restaurant, then the sales tax on the food is 6 percent. To calcu... Read More »

Have you or would you ever have whole roasted pig's head in a restaurant Is it worth the creepiness of it all?

It's not worth it, not a lot of meat, and the brains taste like other organs like liver, or kidneys.Been there, do and done that

Have you ever been on a diet?

Of course I have been in diet as I am affected by diabetics. I use to take a little bit of bread along with fibres and a cup of milk at a time.I also use to take medicine just before food and afte... Read More »