Have you ever noticed........?

Answer Most patients close their eyes. Some just kind of look around. A few, not many, look directly at me. I can tell if people are scared by their eyes or if I am on a sensitive spot. Now that I thi... Read More »

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Have you ever noticed?

I have absolutely noticed the fact that I slam my nose straight into the "breathe hole" every time that I try to drink out of one of said cups. I am elated that I am not the only one.

Have you ever noticed this?

Oh yes Olivia, I am so sick and tired of people without tattoos or people that do not like tattoos and do not intend to get any tattoos, that feel compelled to provide advice to those of us that ar... Read More »

Have you ever noticed on Tv commercials when they have babies in car seats they're usually faced forward?

Wow, I didn't realize this until you mentioned it! Crazy. I suppose it's easier to shoot the baby from that angle but it isn't exactly the picture of safety, is it?

Have you ever noticed all the shoes along side the roads?

Yeah and I wonder...Hmm, did someone get beat to death, raped, or did someone say **** my shoes, took them off and kept footing it...