Have you ever mistaken a vicks inhaler for a tampon?

Answer Tell me about it, nearly lost a tooth helping you out...

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Faux Pas : Have you ever mistaken a Today Sponge for an ash tray?

Ouch.Oh, you meant if it's just hanging out on my computer desk or something? I like to use it to soak up nasty spills.

Have you ever heard of putting Vicks VapoRub on your feet?

Jean i am a diabetic also and though i have never heard of it for the feet as a diabetic your feet get dry and hard the Vick's just may penetrate and soften the skin i can't see it doing any harm t... Read More »

RP: Have you ever tried the bloody tampon?

Can scotch, ever be mistaken for tequilla?

I have never had a Scotch smell or taste like tequila. Stay away from that bar. But, stay away from the cheap Scotch. Johnny Walker is crap. Also, try to steer more toward a Single Malt Scotch, a... Read More »