Have you ever had any correspondence with celebrities?

Answer You ALL forgot to mention that you share Y!A with that well known Wicca author, Raji the Green Witch ... LOLI have an ongoing face to face friendship as well as on-line and written friendship with ... Read More »

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Do you think celebrities ever get/got lice?

Of course they don't get lice...they are protected by the Dome of Stardom.

Do you ever sometimes forget that Musicians and Celebrities are mortal as well?

I agree AGwhenever we lose somebody so'd difficult to even realize....peace to Michael Jacksonmaybe they will begin to understand you now…Mile... Read More »

Have you met any celebrities?

lol, YES! I couldn't do/say anything, I was frozen :*( Paul Wesley grabbed my hand was like "What's your name?" and I was like "Dina" when it really is Diane! he was so freaking handsome!

How do celebrities and non-celebrities end up in relationships together?

All celebrities and non celebrities relationships all have different reasons how they met each other. Celebrities tend to be very active and social. They attend many parties, go on vacations, award... Read More »