Have you ever made fun of an obese person?

Answer according to the height and weight chart, i am 50 pounds overweight, but i pass my PT test in the army and the body fat. I can run 2 miles in 18-19 minutes and do about 35 push in 2 minutes, also ... Read More »

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Can an obese person become a personal trainer?

On One Hand: There are successful overweight trainers.Overweight individuals with good cardiovascular health can safely work as personal trainers. According to a New York Times article--New Breed o... Read More »

How much liquid chlorophyll should an obese person take?

On One Hand: Benefits of ChlorophyllChlorophyll is life-supporting substance found in plants. When consumed by humans, it offers support to many of the body's systems and can be useful in helping ... Read More »

How is the Heimlich maneuver performed on an obese or pregnant person?

Instead of using abdominal thrusts, chest thrusts are used. The fists are placed against the middle of the breastbone, and the motion of the chest thrust is in and downward, rather than upward

If an obese person becomes diabetic, will ridding themselves of obesity cure the diabetes?

no once you have diebetes it neer goes away. unless u have gestational diebetes