Who else was sure she lied?

Answer Of course we all knew what the real scenario was. She needed to "save face" (pun intended). I have to say I blame some of this on the artist. It is not ethical, in my opinion, to do extreme tatt... Read More »

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How to Tell Someone You Lied?

Telling someone something that they don't want to hear, or telling them about something you did can be one of the hardest things you can do. However completing this can be extremely rewarding and f... Read More »

Have you ever lied about seeing a movie?

You have NO idea. I've lied about watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, about The Godfather and also a lot of modern films that I REALLY don't want to watch but I just say I I could go on and o... Read More »

Lied about age on website?

You will just have to put your actual age and hope no one queries it.Otherwise you could get done for making a fraudulent claim against the Royal Mail.

I think my dentist may have lied to me?

Well i have never had a cavity, so i dont know if they hurt, or if there is any give aways that you for sure have a cavity, but if a way to know you could have a cavity is if it hurts, or is more s... Read More »