Have you ever left a restaurant without eating?

Answer Yes just a few weeks ago. The waiter's breath smelled like **** and he had a weird lazy eye and he was dirty... We ordered drinks and didn't even touch them... We gave the hostess $10.00 to cove... Read More »

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What do you usually order when eating at a restaurant?

Whatever pizza they have that is just like cheese on it, I'm fussy and I never know what anything is in restaurants so yeah lol.ooooh or if mcdonalds: Large quarter pounder meal with fries and coke... Read More »

Eating vegan at a Greek restaurant?

Almost nothing actually.Greeks cook EVERYTHING (even veggie dishes like spinach pie) in loads of butter.Most everything will have meat (specifically lamb) in it.They use LOTS of dairy products like... Read More »

Can you get arressted if you do not leave a tip after eating at a restaurant?

Yes, if the resturant bills it as a "service charge".Other than that no, it is just expected, but not a law.

For black people only: why do y'all tip poorly or don't tip at all when eating out at a restaurant?

probably because you are a rude horrible serveredit-if you aren't a server then why would you expect to be tipped? i certainly never tip the hostess