Have you ever left a restaurant without eating?

Answer Yes just a few weeks ago. The waiter's breath smelled like **** and he had a weird lazy eye and he was dirty... We ordered drinks and didn't even touch them... We gave the hostess $10.00 to cove... Read More »

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Have ever left a restaurant without tipping the waiter?

I always tip the waiter if there is one. Even at Denny's and stuff I leave a dollar or something at the table...they get really horrible wages sometimes I know. So I leave money, even if it's a sma... Read More »

If we could go without ever eating or drinking would our teeth still need to be brushed?

Have you or would you ever have whole roasted pig's head in a restaurant Is it worth the creepiness of it all?

It's not worth it, not a lot of meat, and the brains taste like other organs like liver, or kidneys.Been there, do and done that

What's the nastiest restaurant you have ever eaten at?

This Mexican food place in Hinesville, GA that everyone just RAVED about. Well, everyone who didn't have a CLUE as to what great Tex-Mex really is. I took a bite of my enchilada, and it tasted li... Read More »