Have you ever laughed so hard you passed out?

Answer no, but i laughed so hard i peed a Little...........XD lmao

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Have you ever layed there in extreme pain wondering why you hadn't passed out from it?

Amazingly, I am able to sleep through the worst of it, yet have never considered that I may actually be passing out. :)The RA, OA, and fibro pain I live with daily, and have grown so used to that... Read More »

Have you ever wiped your hard drive Was it worth it?

I dont know that this has anything to do with anything, but my nerd tech geek friend gave me this program that goes through some junk and does something, to get rid of all the crap on here.

Have you ever worked really hard at something, but it didn't pay off in the end How did you cope?

LOL!do you know how many times i've sat for the CPA exam? and the most parts of the 4 part test i've ever passed were 2!LOL!ok, i couldn't always laugh about it--i was pretty crushed after the fir... Read More »

Have you ever been kicked in the testicles so hard, you've started crying?

I vividly remember in PE when I was about 14 we played indoor cricket. Took a tennis ball to the man regions and I was wailing like a little girl. Damn that was like having a Vietnam flashback...