Have you ever just woken up and not wanted to exercise?

Answer Oh, yea!!! I got perfect rules to get myself to the gym, like it or not. First of all, I imagine that there are those people at the gym who think I'm not serious about working out. Well, I'm goi... Read More »

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Have you ever just seen a toupee that you wanted to try on?

I always wanted a wig, but I'm too cheap toupee!*rimshot*Thank you, you've been great...

Have you ever just wanted to leave the world I know I feel this way more and more?

Life is really tough! You have to be patient, people are mean, bad things happen, money is stressful, your job sucks, ect. ect. What you need to know is everyone in the world has problems and has s... Read More »

Have you ever woken up, looked at the mirror and screamed at your face?

I have just woken up from a 10 hour sleep I'm not a diabetic but my blood sugars are 6.3 mmol?

You don't have diabetes because 6.3 is within the normal range for someone without diabetes!