Have you ever just woken up and not wanted to exercise?

Answer Oh, yea!!! I got perfect rules to get myself to the gym, like it or not. First of all, I imagine that there are those people at the gym who think I'm not serious about working out. Well, I'm goi... Read More »

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If you really wanted to see a movie in the theater and no friends wanted to go would you go alone?

Depends on the movie. I would go alone.

Has anyone ever been woken from their sleep with a feeling they cant move?

You sound like you have the same thing as me and many others, sleep paralysis. Have a look at these.…… http://w... Read More »

Have you ever woken up, looked at the mirror and screamed at your face?

Have you ever been woken every night by strange banging noises on your walls?

Home & Garden? lmao. Maybe that's just your headboard :D