Have you ever just wanted to leave the world I know I feel this way more and more?

Answer Life is really tough! You have to be patient, people are mean, bad things happen, money is stressful, your job sucks, ect. ect. What you need to know is everyone in the world has problems and has s... Read More »

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How to Feel More Wanted and Glorified?

Let's not Vaporize in depression it's only defeatBeing a teenager or maybe even an adult can be hard sometimes when you feel no body wants you. so here's what to do on how to feel more wanted and n... Read More »

How to Make a Girl Feel Wanted?

Making a girl feel wanted is a great way to make her want YOU! But doing so can be tricky, and overdoing it can ruin things. Follow these steps to help you out.

It's Nikki's 24th birthday, I wanted to do something to make her feel younger...?

D: do I still get starbucks? oh man.. i've always wanted to wear diapers so someone could change me :D-pees a little on purpose-

What was the 90's sci-fi TV show that was about theses people whose DNA was different and wanted to take over the world?

A plot something along these lines called ( Space Seed) was on the first-generation Star Trek. an interesting plot involving suspended animation.