My dog jumped on my ankle...?

Answer If you can walk an it you maybe OK but with your history of that ankle it may need to be seen to.By the time you get this it will either feel better or worse. If it is worse a trip to the Urgent do... Read More »

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Jumped off the roof?

Sounds like you should go see the doc "May be you should change your name to Not so lucky Asian girl"

I jumped out of my bed and now I have a headache?

Could be lack of sleep, or sometimes when you sit up quickly after laying down the blood will rush straight to your head causing a headache for a while.

Crafts for "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon"?

One of the most well known, best-loved nursery rhymes is "Hey Diddle Diddle." It's also known by other lines from the famous poem, such as "the Cat and the Fiddle," and "the Cow Jumped over the Moo... Read More »

Symptoms That the Timing Chain Jumped?

The timing chain or timing belt makes your engine run. The only difference between a timing belt and a chain is that belts are made out of rubber, while timing chains are metal chains. The chain co... Read More »