Have you ever hugged?

Answer no, we just went straight to the sex. wood on wood, hahaha

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Have You Hugged Your Child Today?

Of course! I hug them every chance I get. I just taught my first graders the song, "Four Hugs a Day" by Charlotte Diamond. Four hugs a day. That's the minimun, not the maximum!

Have you ever LITERALLY hugged a tree?

Yes, just after my boyfriend called ma a tree hugger. I wanted to embrace my "green-ness!"

I hugged my mom this morning.. can i get AIDS from this?

No, but I'm disappointed she's not restricting your internet access.

Wouldn't networking be more effective if the IT folks hugged more?

Many more of us would do so, if we were not spending all our time repairing the damage done by our customers, largely due to an urge to do anything but work, and spending all their time downloading... Read More »

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