Blue screen of death have u heard of this?

Answer The blue screen of death occurs when the operating system encounters a problem it can't overcome. The mumbo jumbo is actually the details of the problem that it has encountered. If you are unsure... Read More »

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Have you ever heard of those computers that have the tower built into the monitor?

No, well I would be stuffed because my monitor stopped working the other day, just as well I had 2 spares :)

Have you ever heard a song tht made you cry?

Have you ever heard yourself snore?

it is weird isn't it? its more of a weird throat thing while i am laying on the couch dozing off. i wake up looking around like WTF? who was that? funny!

Have you ever heard of periorbital cellulitis?

I have seen periorbital cellulitis before in a child with Hemophilus influenzae type B.Periorbital cellulitis is an infection of the superficial skin around the eye and is caused by: 1) infection ... Read More »