Have you ever heard of or read about a community site called Zenzuu?

Answer Checked it out. It looks like a Facebook for the upper classes! Seems interesting though. I guess if you get into it early and it gets as big as facebook, you could make some cash.

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How to Find and Navigate the One Community Intentional Community Site?

One Community ( is the result of 15 years of planning and preparation to create an intentional community and ethosolution to the cultural and financial problems of ... Read More » Has anyone heard of getting an iphone for free from working at this site is it so?

My facebook account got hacked with this tonight too. Here's the message that went to my whole friend list as an IM and on their Wall. I hadn't clicked anything and wasn't even online when it we... Read More »

Has anyone heard of derek acorah read on.?

its a really good programme but as soon as he gets overtaken by spirits you cant help but laugh! most of the time its a real thrill and sometimes scary to watch but i also think he reads up on the ... Read More »

Christians, what have you read / heard about accupuncturists?

Hi ! It's funny you asked, my mom has just begun a weekly session of acupuncture with an american Dr. I thought all doctors who did acupuncture were foreign, I thought it was big in chinese medicin... Read More »