Have you ever heard of a sports injury like this one?

Answer She may well have brittle bone disease...this can start as early as your thirties in women who smoke, diet excessively, drink a lotof carbonated soft drinks or who are vegan/vegetarian and don't ma... Read More »

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Weirdest injury you've ever heard of...?

There was a guy on the news that had shot himself a dozen times with a nail gun and went in, complaining of a headache. Might have been a relative of the guy you work with, eh?

Have you ever heard of this happening to someone ?

First: Someone can find out your IP from sending/receiving file/data by messenger. When he finds your IP then it becomes interesting.Second: Even with your IP he can't do nothing except you have tr... Read More »

Have u ever heard or seen this...little white bumps!?

it is from where the foreskin reattached and smegma is building up. This requires no treatment, and doesn't need to be cleaned. What is going on is the reattached foreskin is starting to detach and... Read More »

Is this even possible Have you ever heard of such a thing?

that's really weird, and kind of sad.. I have an aunt who has 10 grandchildren.. ALL boys.. coincidence?