Have you ever heard of Natasha Amy Holland?

Answer You don't hate your sister. Hate is very strong word that's often over used. Your probably angry and frustrated. Take some time away from her and the situation and think about it later when your he... Read More »

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I have heard that the iPad 2 comes out in April in America but i can't find when it comes to Holland. Does anyone knows when it comes out in Holland.?

Have you ever heard of those computers that have the tower built into the monitor?

No, well I would be stuffed because my monitor stopped working the other day, just as well I had 2 spares :)

Have you ever heard of MEDICATED VASELINE?

I believe they took it off the market a few years ago. I went to the website where we order our medications from and it did not show that it was available. There is another product called Aquapho... Read More »

Have you ever heard yourself snore?

it is weird isn't it? its more of a weird throat thing while i am laying on the couch dozing off. i wake up looking around like WTF? who was that? funny!