Have you ever have this type of leg pain before?

Answer Yes indeed, it was a muscle cramp or what we call a "charlie horse". They are caused by many reasons.What is a Charlie Horse?The term "Charlie Horse" refers to any cramp where a muscle is locked i... Read More »

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Why are doctors so reluctant to give out Opiate type painkillers when they only type that work on real pain?

you need to visit a pain clinic that specializes in pain medsand to answer your question, regular docs are hounded by the state for "" over prescribing "" .....pain meds! that's why you need to go ... Read More »

What type of bed is best for back pain?

On One Hand: Firm Mattresses Have Been Traditionally EndorsedDoctor and spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Alan Hilibrand, MD, recommends a firmer mattress, which can offer... Read More »

Best type of pain killers?

Hi yaParacetamol is a good painkiller for mild to moderate pain, neurofen (ibuprofen) is an anti-inflamatory type drug which works on a different place than paracetamol, so if you combine the two i... Read More »

What type of massage helps sciatic nerve pain?

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, through the back of the legs, and down to the feet. At times, surrounding tissue or the nerve itself can become inflamed, causing a painful sensation or ... Read More »