Have you ever had unprotected sex?

Answer have one son and another child on the way

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Can you get pregnant when you have protected sex and have a unprotected sex after a while and have another protected sex after the unprotected sex?

Even if you didn't ejaculate in her when unprotected there is always pre-ejaculate which also contain sperms. She had the chance to use the morning after pill up to 72 hours after, now it's too lat... Read More »

Is it safe to have unprotected sex when you have secondary amenorrhea Explain.?

Is it okay to have unprotected sex now?

You should be fine since you have been on the pill for over a week. My doctor told me to wait a week before having unprotected sex. This gives it time to build up in your system and become as effec... Read More »

Can i have unprotected sex on certain days?

if you would like to get pregnant yes. However the only 100% sure method is too not have sex... having it unprotected heightens your chances of having a baby!