Have you ever had to stitch up a really deep wound by yourself?

Answer No, that has never happened to me.But my flip flop broke once and I had to walk down the street with it barely hanging on.

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Doctor lanced my long does it take for the wound to it suppose to swell up he wound is deep!?

Very normal. Sounds like you have a Staph infection. Nasty business. Just stick w/ the antibiotics and drink TONS of water, this flushes out the toxins. Keep it clean and avoid strenuous exercise u... Read More »

Should I bandage this deep wound or not?

A deep cut or wound on the body?

Apply direct pressure with sterile bandages. Call 911.

Can a dog get a deep wound from inside the body and break through the skin?

i just wanted to add that not just chicken bones but ANY bones that have been cooked. chicken bones splinter, so do other cooked bones because during the cooking process they become weaker.sorry i ... Read More »