Have you ever had to stay in hospital?

Answer Yeah, a few months ago I had an overnight stay. The bed was so uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep, all I wanted to do was get into my own bed. I had the best sleep when I came home

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How long do you have to stay in the hospital after having a baby boy?

I was admitted Sunday night, had baby boy Monday night, d/c Wednesday afternoon.

Have you ever had a tooth abstracted in hospital.?

No, darling...I did have a whole person extracted in a hospital once, though.But I brought my own doctor with me.The junior doctors generally work under supervision...but if you're really worried a... Read More »

How long would you have to stay in the hospital after cutting your wrists too deep?

im someone who would know this:i was there for about 2 weeks and given meds. then sent to a threapist

Have you ever awakened in a hospital bed and had to be told by staff how you got there?

Yes, this happen to Redcorn many times... Wake up in jail cell same way many times too...