Have you ever had jellyfish salad?

Answer I've seen them. Just jiggling there. You mean the jellied fish salads right? The jello mold salads with fish and god knows what else in them?I should make one and put old cell phones it it. See if ... Read More »

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Have you ever been stung by a Jellyfish?…

Have you ever just eaten a salad for a meal?

Sure. I often have a salad for lunch, especially in the summer. Add nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.), seeds (sunflower), beans (red kidney or cannelloni) and some fruit (sliced apples, dried cranberr... Read More »

What is the most unusual potato salad you have ever had?

I love my mother's potato salad, and the only unusual experience I ever had was after eating some that had been outside for too long! (Long night afterwards!) Nothing exotic about my mother's recip... Read More »

Survey: have you ever had or made Pork and Bean Salad?

Hi, Um I never had any. I don't eat meat but like beans.My gram makes it, with Chilis, pintos and black beans, and pulled/shredded pork.