Have you ever had hot cream squirted right in your eye?

Answer To all of you ladies answering:I would like to apologize. I'm sincerely sorry for both the volume and velocity of the cream I produce. I tried to warn you, I said to duck, to turn away, to wear t... Read More »

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Guys have u ever gotten a zit in between your inner right thigh and your right ball sack?

How many of you right now have your right hand on your computer mouse?

Right now, I do not have my right hand on my mouse. My mouse is at home. I'm on a secret mission for the FBI, so I can't tell you which hand is on the mouse. I am not at liberty to say.

Girls,have you ever tried men's fairness cream in the makeup?

Noooo, never tried and that matter i never use makeup,except lip-gloss and i use only hand made soaps.Don't use any fairness cream of any type.There is no such cream which can make u fair.They are ... Read More »

What do whip cream, sour cream and cream cheese all have in common?

All can be used in love on and lick off..........