Have you ever had country fried steak?

Answer Restaurants make foods diffeently. Next time ask them or choose something else. Country fried steak is usually a piece of beef that is breaded and deep fried and usually served with mashed potato... Read More »

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What is the difference between chicken fried steak&country fried steak?

Chicken fried or country fried steak has been a popular dish for decades. Though it goes by many names, this recipe always involves dredging a beefsteak in flour or batter and spices and frying it ... Read More »

Have you ever placed a steak on a black eye?

No I never have, I`ve never had a black eye.......

How do I cook a pan fried steak?

Prepare the SteakPound the steak to tenderize it. Salt and pepper both sides of the steak and coat it with flour.Cook SteakMelt ½ cup of butter or margarine in a frying pan. Place the coated steak... Read More »

Have you ever tried having fried sweet potatoes for breakfast?

Of course my grandmother taught me...along with sweet potatoe muffins,bread and pancakes! She also used it in a venison hash instead of potatores now that was awesome! You can also do the same with... Read More »