Have you ever had beef tongue?

Answer Yes I have, and quite like it.

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How to Use Beef Tongue?

Beef tongue is a versatile food that can be used in many dishes, from tacos to sandwiches to casseroles. It's high in fat and can be cooked in several different ways. Try serving beef tongue at you... Read More »

How to Smoke Beef Tongue?

Beef is a staple of many American diets, and beef lovers take pleasure in eating almost every part of the cow. From the shoulder to the flank, it seems each part of the cow produces delicious, edib... Read More »

How to Cook Beef Tongue?

Beef tongue burrito. Beef tongue is a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine.While beef tongue may not be a very common dish on your menu, this rich cut of meat is enjoyed in many parts of the world,... Read More »

Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to frozen metal and it was really numb after?

No, but I got stuck to an ice-pop when I was younger, and it ripped bits off my tongue...not my finest moment.