Have you ever had any Korean Food!?

Answer well the kimchi was good but really spicy & hot. Koreans love hot food. But most of the foods are half boiled/cooked (if you're having original korean food). I love their cuttle fish tempura. They ... Read More »

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WHY isn't Korean food famous globally unlike Chinese food and Sushi?

I couldn't agree with yhou more. I live in NW Washington - north of Seattle in an area with a lot of Korean markets - Boo Han, HMart... Lots of Korean BBQ places too and I must say that Korean BBQ ... Read More »

Korean store name food?

I would call it The Not So Vile Korean Food Store.

Korean & Chinese Food Culture?

In Southeast Asia, food acts as a social lubricant, bringing families and friends together. This is particularly applicable in both China and Korea where food has strong historical traditions and i... Read More »

What Food is Best: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?

I could eat Japanese food every day of my life, we have perfected udon soups at home and agadashi dofu. We also make our own sushi and tempura is next on the hit list. I just love the differences... Read More »